If you need administration options, now you have them

Administer on-screen, in-office assessments

Administer on-screen

Get in-office assessment results faster than ever—PARiConnect is a client-centric system, so it’s as simple as setting up a client file and assigning the appropriate assessment to your client. After administration, you’ll be able to review and verify his or her responses and view the report. Print reports, or download them to your desktop for easy editing.

Administer remote assessment

Administer remote assessments

Are you and your client separated by miles? With PARiConnect, distance is no problem. The system allows you to e-mail an invitation to complete an assessment to anyone with an e-mail address. PARiConnect can auto-generate personalized e-mail invitations without you having to send each one separately. Once the client receives the invitation, he or she simply clicks on the link in the e-mail and takes the test. You’ll be notified immediately after the administration is complete. Quickly verify responses and run, edit, and print reports.

Enter responses from paper-and-pencil administrations

Enter responses

Need a flexible platform for entering test data? PARiConnect enables you to easily populate test forms with item responses and quickly get reports. Use your keyboard or mouse to enter item responses on a screen that replicates the look of the printed form; a unique magnifying box allows you to “zoom in” on each item row for easier viewing. Even better, there’s no need to purchase i-Admins for tests you don’t administer using PARiConnect—you pay just for the reports you generate.

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