A client-centric system for a client-centric world

The client roster makes navigation
easy and direct

It’s easy to add clients to your PARiConnect database. And for large groups of clients or clinicians, swiftly and simultaneously import details from a CSV file directly into PARiConnect. After a client is added, he or she will appear in the client roster, the hub of your PARiConnect navigation. Use this roster to search, add, or sort clients; move to each client’s individual screen; and view your clients by group.

The client’s home screen has everything you need to know

A home screen for each client displays client details like demographic information, a list of completed assessments, general notes you’ve made, and issues that may need your attention. In addition, you’ll see a list of available reports and any assessment notes you’ve made.

The grouping feature simplifies
categorization, organization, and research

PARiConnect allows you to create groups of clients and, for users who supervise other clinicians, groups of clinicians—who may each have his or her own set of client groups. For example, you can create groups based on your setting. Plus, in Account Settings you can change the labels used throughout PARiConnect to reflect the terminology that pertains to you—for instance, “student” instead of “client.” The Enterprise Manager feature also allows you to collect and compare data across groups under one account. You set the parameters, and PARiConnect will extract and consolidate data onto one spreadsheet for easier analysis.

You’re the first to know when important
events occur

The Pending Assessments section, which resides on your home screen, lists notable events that have occurred within PARiConnect—
for instance, if a specific client has not yet completed an assigned assessment or if an assessment expired before a client completed it. A similar section on each client’s home screen shows these events for only that client. And each item displays a menu of appropriate actions, enabling you to address each issue efficiently.

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