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Import information in large batches

To invite large groups of clinicians or to add clients to your account, simply import a list into your PARiConnect account, and the system takes it from there. Clinicians are assigned default permissions (which can be changed on a clinician-by-clinician basis) and are sent auto-generated e-mail invitations.

Account Administration

Easily juggle inventory

To share inventory among clinicians or accounts, simply select the assessments you want to transfer and move them with the click of a button.

Report Export

Work with what you already have

If a caseload needs to be adjusted, a clinician leaves one group for another, or client information needs to be removed or transferred, simple export client and clinician data from one account to another without any interruption in services or workflow.

Report Export

Easily carry out research

PARiConnect makes it simple to remotely gather and access data across accounts and to aggregate them for further study.

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