Online assessment made easy

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Multiple administration options
at your fingertips

Administer on-screen, in-office assessments; invite clients to complete remote assessments through e-mail; or enter responses from paper-and-pencil administrations. Any way you choose, you’ll always have an opportunity to review item responses before generating a report.

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Pending assessments

Keep track of client data seamlessly

PARiConnect gives you the information you need to know first, helping you prioritize your work and organize your tasks. Assessments, reports, and notes are categorized by client—ensuring optimal organization. And clients can be transferred electronically from one clinician to another in the event that caseloads need to be adjusted or a clinician leaves the group.

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PARiConnect line items

Purchase what you need, when you need it

i-Admins and report uses are purchased and listed separately within PARiConnect—so you have ultimate control over your inventories. Plus, if you supervise other clinicians, PARiConnect allows you to allocate i-Admins and report uses to your employees and to reallocate inventory between accounts when necessary.

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