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BRIEF i-Admins

Use i-Admins flexibly within product families

i-Admins can be used for any instrument within a product family; for example, purchasing five BRIEF® i-Admins allows you to administer multiple BRIEF forms (e.g., teacher and parent). And you don’t need i-Admins to enter responses obtained through a paper-and-pencil assessment.

Allocate i-Admins and report uses as you see fit

Allocate i-Admins

For users who supervise other clinicians, i-Admins and report uses can be distributed among employees. Alternately, i-Admins and report uses can be kept in a common inventory accessible to each clinician. If uses assigned to one clinician are needed by another clinician, PARiConnect allows you to transfer them accordingly. Inventory can also be reallocated between groups if one account is running low and another has a surplus.

Replenish your supply with a few clicks

Since PARiConnect is linked to the main PAR Web site, you can easily purchase additional i-Admins and report uses for your PARiConnect account.

Regenerate reports without
depleting your report inventory

Want to see those results with different norms? Although PARiConnect requires you to purchase report uses for each type of report for each instrument assessed, you can generate a given report multiple times using different norms or demographics without using up an additional report—and regenerated reports are saved individually, not overwritten on the original.

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