No matter your setting or organizational structure, PARiConnect can work for you

When you call to set up your PARiConnect account, you get a choice in how it’s structured. Are a sole practitioner who juggles your own administrative work? The system makes it easy for you to import clients and assign assessments and to access and print reports. And if you’re lucky enough to have a research or office assistant, you can grant limited access to him or her for administrative tasks or data analysis.

Are you a supervisor overseeing multiple clinicians? The system makes it easy for you to allocate assessment uses across your organization and to access all clients and clinicians in your group.

Are you an organization in need of multiple accounts housed under one umbrella? We’ve got you covered. With the new Enterprise Manager feature, you can import information in large batches, move client and clinician data from one account to another, and export assessment protocol data from multiple groups of participants across any of your organization’s linked PARiConnect accounts.

Supervisor (required,
only one per account)
Clinician/psychologist Research/office assistant Enterprise Manager
(multiple accounts)
Access clients All clients in account Yes, own clients x x
Add new clients/groups Yes, and import Yes x Yes, via import
Delete clients/groups Yes Own clients only, not groups x Yes
Move clinicians and clients among accounts x x x Yes
Access pending assessments Yes Yes x x
Access reports Yes Yes x x
Assign assessments Yes Yes Yes x
Export client data for analysis Yes x x Yes
Purchase i-Admins and report uses Yes Yes Yes Yes
i-Admins and report uses
Yes x x Yes, at account level
Change permission levels Yes x x x
Add clinicians/psychologists Yes, and import x x Yes, via import only
View current i-Admin and report inventory Yes, and view usage x x Yes, across all accounts
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